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Blow Up Inflatable Sex Dolls FAQ

A type of sex toy for men to help them with their kinks, blow-up dolls are life-size inflatable sex paraphernalia that features an artificial pussy and printed face of a woman. The inflatable sex dolls are designed for men for masturbation purposes.

Blow up sex doll often consists of a face, body, arms, with a vagina, but may also feature mouth opening and anal hole for additional sexual stimulation. Inflatable sex dolls are not as realistic compared to high-end sex dolls, but they're more affordable and perfect for those who have just started exploring the use of sex dolls for their masturbation.

If you're looking at buying a blow-up sex doll. It's mostly available in online shops that sell male enhancement and adult products. FullExtend has a range of different inflatable sex dolls.

The greatest benefit in buying a blow-up doll in online stores such as FullExtend is that you can do so, without being embarrassed let's say you walk into a brick and mortar adult retail store.

Sex themed shops are not easy to find in the city and you can't just find these products being sold in malls. You can buy blow-up dolls in FullExtend and maintain your privacy since you'll receive your order discreetly.

Inflatable sex dolls are available at cheaper prices, and you can get one here at FullExtend from $39-$99. The prices can range based on features such as mouth opening, anal hole, material quality, colors, design, hair, eyes, clothes, etc. Blow up dolls are the cheapest sex dolls available in the market.

Blow up sex dolls are a good alternative on masturbation, since you don't have to get tired of using your hands. Its size is close to women's height and it has openings in the mouth, anus, and vagina.

Even so, this type of sex dolls can likewise be dressed up to excite your imagination. Blow up dolls may not be as realistic, but at least you're not limited to your hands, which you may find it boring at times.

There are many ways you use to blow-up dolls, you can have it goes on top of you for some woman on top action, you can have it bend it over for doggie style, standing sex, or even let her give you a blow job (if the blow-up doll has a mouth opening).

Going missionary on a blow-up doll is not recommended as your weight may deflate the sex toy. You can do missionary, but support your weight as not to pin down the blow-up doll.

The feel of inflatable sex dolls can be different from one person to another. I've also using blow-up dolls in my masturbation and I can say the pleasure you experience mostly depends on the features, material, design, and quality of the sex toy.

Fortunately, inflatable sex dolls have improved throughout the years and you have a range of options to choose from.

If you enjoy masturbation a lot, and you're looking into something exciting in your next solo session, then I highly recommended that you get a blow-up sex doll.

Inflatable sex dolls are good male sex toys since its a significant upgrade to the usual masturbation practice on using hands. These sex dolls work perfectly for men, especially for those who are single and don't have a girlfriend to have a sex life.

A blow sex doll can also be a simple companion for single guys in the bedroom, and can at least lessen lonely cold nights.

For men with a girlfriend or wife, but their partner is away, an inflatable doll can help you avoid cheating or one night stands.

With an inflatable sex doll, you'll be safe from STDs, or HIV. Another benefit is if you're the horny type of guy and your girl is pregnant, this sex doll can help you provide relief when you feel the need to release some kinks.

Another benefit for men in using a blow-up sex doll is that it can provide practice for you if happen to ejaculate too fast.

For me, my answer is no. Though other men may have their own opinions, but for me, inflatable sex dolls only offer a helpful aid in several problems that occur in a man's sex life. However, it still can't replace the intimacy, warmth, and romance you can have with a woman.

Blow up sex dolls though can offer the same joy and pleasure you often experience with masturbation. And you have no limitation on how you want to explore your imagination and sexual fantasies.

The sex toy offers you the freedom to release your stress by ejaculation at any time and you don't have to worry about women's mood swings or periods.

  • First of all, do not over inflate blow-up dolls, as this may cause it to burst. Use only a manual pump, not an air compressor.
  • When you fill it up with air, just fill it up to 80%-90% capacity, to lessen the possibility of strain on the blow-up doll.
  • When you clean up the doll, rinse it with warm water, not boiling water. You can scrub it lightly using a soft cloth, then pat dry using a lint-free towel.
  • For storage, deflate the doll, then fold it carefully according to the way it was folded when you open the package.
  • Put the doll in a cool, dry place. Never place it directly `under the sun or near hot surfaces. Store it in a closet or cabinet.
  • Be sure to keep the blow-up doll away from any sharp item like scissors, knife, pen, or the like.
  • When you use the inflatable sex doll, don't put all your weight as this can deflate it.

If you want to get the best sex doll, I suggest that you get any of the following dolls because they are the best in the market.

  • Leiah Inflatable Blow Up Doll With Realistic Vagina Anal
  • Briana Sex Doll For Men Blow Up Doll Inflatable Realistic Vagina
  • Mizee Blow Up Doll 155cm With Realistic Vagina - Semi Solid Inflatable Sex Doll Realistic

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