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Penis Extender FAQ

A penis extender is a penis enlargement device that you can use to increase the girth and length of your manhood. Basically, the device works by stretching and extending the penile length, with the girth increase as secondary.

This device is made of rubber holder for glans, 2 rods, and a ring. The penile extender can also help treat penile curvature, bend penis, or commonly known as Peyronies Disease. Another benefit in using penis extender is it can strengthen and harden your erections.

Penis extender work in a basic principle. The penile glans is extended from the base in your pubic area using the device. The rubber holder holds the glans in its right place, while the rods connected to the rubber holder keep the glans extended.

As the device stretches and holds your dick away from the base, this continuous tension leads to the cells to divide. The science behind this concept is that your penis develops more tissue through constant stretching and pulling.

By exposing the genitals to continuous traction, the body cells in the penile chambers multiply, which eventually increases the penile tissue mass.

This process allows your penis to hold more blood than usual. As the result, your penis adapts to the enlargement in both length and girth.

This leads to the penis to become longer, thicker, and noticeably bigger in the shaft. Bodybuilders increase the size of their muscles all the time and penis extenders help in the same way.

Yes. The device provides continuous traction on the cells in the genital area, which allows your cock to gain more inches. Your penis, just like the tissues in your muscles is comprised of cells. So, if it's stretched continuously, the cells divide and causes your penis to increase in size.
Most of the extender system in the market today has been significantly improved so you feel and see the results to as early as the second week of use. Since the stretch and pull allows more blood to rush into the genitals, you will notice hard, firm, and strong erections. Noticeable gains in size will be visible in 4-6 weeks.
The penile extender was designed to enlarge your penis. In a way, the stretch when you wear the device increases the blood flow into the corpus cavernous. This is the additional benefit as more blood flow eventually increases your erection size, firmness, strength and even your sexual endurance.
Most users of penis extenders are those who wish to lengthen the size of their penis. Other users of the device are those who suffer from Peyronie's Disease or penile curvature.
If you like to add more inches in your dick, but can't afford the high cost of penile surgery, then penis extenders are the most affordable way to enlarge your cock. That's also the case if you have a bent or curved penis. Penis extenders is actually a device recommended by medical experts for Peyronie's treatment.
Yes. The instructions and directions for use are easy to follow. It is pretty much straight forward, so if you're a beginner, you can easily get started.
Yes. If you're in a general good health, the penis extender is safe to use. If you suffer from some type of health condition, please consult your doctor before using the penile stretching device.
The increase in size varies depending on the correct use of the penis extender, as well as the period of use. The average gain in size length is around 3 inches, with girth to around 1 inch.
Yes. As long as you follow the correct way of using the device. Some successful users even upgrade their penis extender or get longer rods to replace their old penile device since their penis already achieved more inches and it outgrew the penis extender rods.

Penis extenders include programs to their manuals so you can maximize your own penile enlargement process. It even has some suggestions on how to include the wearing of penis extender into your schedule.

The results usually depend on the cumulative total time it will be worn and not on time per daily usage. You will even be advised to take time off. Anyone should be able to include the penis extender into their normal day routine.

For the best results, the penile traction device needs to be worn for a longer time. It takes a lot of time for the cells to divide and new tissues to form.

Just as it takes time for professional builders to build and tone the muscles, so does when you increase the size of your penis. However, remember that the time investment would be worth it. The average time successful users wear it is around 6 to 8 months. There are also others who wear it for more than a year.

Generally, taking an amount of time off allow the penis - in essence - accept the new bigger size as 'normal'. So, when you start using the penis extender again, the penis will once more grow, but from a bigger state.
Yes. The trusted makers of penis extenders include their product guarantee relative to terms and conditions of use.
You should be at least 18 years old before you can buy and use penis extenders.
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