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Penis Glans Rings FAQ

Glans rings are special kinds of cock rings that are worn just behind the corona of the glans of the penis. Sometimes, they are called head rings or cock crowns.

A glans ring works by restricting the blood flow and keeping it in the shaft of the penis. Generally, when the blood is trapped in the shaft of the penis, it makes the dick bigger which pleases women more.

There are different types of glans rings in the market. Here are some of it.

Metal glans rings. This type of glans ring is sturdy and it provides a perfect grip. However, it requires a bit of experience to put this on and take it off. But the best part with this type of ring is that it is designed to provide maximum stimulation and comfort to the wearer.

Special glans rings. There are glans rings that come with special features like an attached rod that can be inserted into the urethra. These rings are also known as “sperm stoppers” are made to provide unique urethra stimulation and stronger orgasm. There are also adjustable glans rings which give you more flexibility when it comes to size.

Many men like to pair their glans ring with regular cock or ball rings to create a cage or cock strap. Typically, a glans ring is worn under the head of the penis when erect. If you are circumcised, you can wear this with the foreskin retracted or not depending on the intended purpose and sensation you prefer.

You need to get a glans ring that’s perfect for your size, otherwise, the ring won’t be effective because it doesn’t fit well. To ensure that you get the best glans ring for your size, we recommend that you follow the steps below to measure your penis.

  1. Get your self with some string or a tape measure.
  2. Wrap it around the shaft of your cock, just below the head.
  3. Mark the string and measure between the marks.
  4. Remove the string and measure between the marks.
  5. Divide the circumference measurements you have taken by Pi ( 14) to calculate the diameter.
  6. To ensure that the ring will not be too tight, just round up the measurement to the nearest mm.

Glans rings are popular sex toys because they can enhance pleasure during sexual intercourse by providing extra stimulation to both the wearer and his partner.

However, aside from being a sex toy, this can also help men with their sexual health because with this they can achieve and maintain strong and hard rock erections. By restricting the blood flow to the penis, the rings can increase size and girth, enhance sexual stamina and delay ejaculation. This can also help men delay their ejaculation so they would last longer.

Finding the best glans ring size might be challenging for beginners. Thus, it is best to measure your penis before you purchase one because glans rings are available in different sizes.

Always choose one that is not too tight or too loose for you. If you want to make a wise choice, it’s best to get an adjustable size cock rings glans like this one that comes with adjustable metal sheath size.

Cock rings including glans rings are among the sex toys that are not meant to be enjoyed alone. The wearer will surely enjoy this as it will help you get a solid and hard erection. This will also help you delay your ejaculation to perform longer on the bed.

With all of these improving your sexual performance, your partner will surely enjoy your intimate encounter. Women who experienced this with their partner love it because aside from making their partner hard and last longer in bed, the ring makes the penis bigger which adds extra pleasure whenever it goes in and out of the vagina.

Men who use glans rings do so for several reasons. Here are some of it:

  • Enhance pleasure
  • Healthy and strong erections
  • To prolong their performance in bed

After wearing a glans ring, you should know how to use it well to ensure your safety. So here are some points to remember.

Glans rings are made of different materials. Some are made from metals while others are designed using stretchy materials like silicone that simply stretches over the penis to the shaft. With enough stretch, these rings can be used before and during an erection.

As for the hard materials or metal, it is recommended that you put it before the penis gets hard. You should place it before the lube gets flowing to avoid the ring from sliding around during playtime.

Remember, the cock ring should feel firm but never painful. Also, an uncomfortable ring may be a sign that it’s too small.

There are glans rings manufacturers that offer warranty to their products. However, it is recommended that you purchase from the legit suppliers because the fakes ones certainly don’t have a warranty.

Yes, there are glans rings manufacturers that offer a money-back guarantee. However, the number of days might differ. I saw some manufacturer offering, 15, 30 and 60 days money-back guarantee.

If you want to purchase the best glans rings, you should get any of the following:

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  • Male Chastity Device Stainless Steel Metal Cock Ring
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  • Sleeves Cock Glans Ring
  • Stainless Steel Penis Jewelry Metal Cock Ring