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Penis Sleeve FAQ

A penis sleeve extension is a hollow, cylindrical device that looks like a penis. It is placed on the shaft of the penis to increase stimulation for the person being penetrated. This sex toy is often designed with soft bumps for further stimulation. You can think of this as a studier version of a condom shaped like a penis.

Also, a penis sleeve can help men with a small penis to somehow enlarge the size of his dick. It has an extra inch or so at the tip and the different bumps and ridges on the side that give the feeling of extra width.

A penis sleeve can add 2-3 inches in length and some girth. So, when men with small dicks wear this one, their partners would feel that their penis is thicker and bigger than its actual size.

Several people use penis sleeves for different reasons. Here are some of the reasons people love this toy.

  1. It adds excitement during sexual intercourse due to the textured bumps and ridges that offer additional sensation.
  2. It helps delay ejaculation because it is made of a firmer material than condoms which reduce the sensitivity for the wearer.
  3. It can increase your size safely without the inconvenience you typically feel with penis extenders and the risks and side-effects from an invasive treatment like getting a penis enlargement surgery. Also, the result is instant. Once you wear the sleeve, your penis will grow in size immediately.
  4. You can continue going even if you struggle with maintaining your erection because penis sleeves fit tightly. You don’t have to worry about them falling off even if your penis goes limp, so you can continue giving your partner the pleasure she desires.
  5. It can spice up your favorite sex toys. If you have a penetrative toy like a dildo or vibrator, you can slip a penis sleeve over your toy to give it additional texture for a more fun sexual experience.

There are different ways to put on a penis sleeve extension. Check out which between the two methods suit you best.

Method 1: Using warm water

  1. Soak the penis sleeve in a warm water
  2. Make sure your penis is erect.
  3. Take the penis sleeve out of the warm water.
  4. Squeeze the air out of the top part.
  5. Insert your penis inside the sleeve
  6. Spread the strap using all of your fingers to put it around your balls. In this way, you can keep the penis sleeve in place.
  7. That’s it you are now ready!

Method 2: Using Lube

  1. Make sure your penis is erect.
  2. Put two or three drops of lube in your glans.
  3. Put three or four drops of lube in the sleeve.
  4. Spread the lube evenly inside the penis sleeve using your finger.
  5. Squeeze the air out of the sleeve.
  6. Insert your penis inside the sleeve.
  7. Spread the strap using all of your fingers to put it around your balls and to keep it in place.

Penis extenders can be used in various ways. Here are some tips to maximize this sex toy depending on your purpose.

  1. For additional pleasure for your partner, purchase a penis sleeve with added grid and ridges outside.
  2. For non-stop fun even if you struggle to maintain an erection, you should get a penis sleeve with a strap that you can place around your balls. This design keeps the sleeve in place, so even if your penis limps, you can still pleasure her until she achieves her orgasms.
  3. It’s best if you use a lubricant when inserting your penis into the cock sleeve. Using a lubricant can make the process smooth, easy and comfortable.
  4. For solo fun, you can buy a penis sleeve for masturbation or masturbation sleeve. These sleeves have ridges and have ribbed and tickler chambers that will send you to a wild pleasure paradise.

Penis sleeves can spice up your sex life in various ways. First, it can give you the erection you desire, but not in a way that you expect. Even if your penis limps, when you wear this sex toy, you can still pleasure your partner because she will still feel a hard cock inside her.

Second, if you and your partner wish that your dick is bigger, a penis sleeve extension can give you the extra length and girth you both desire instantly. Third, it gives extra pleasure to your partner due to the ridges added outside the sleeve.

You do not necessarily need to lubricate your penis when putting on the cock sleeve. I provided two ways to put on a penis pump above and the first strategy doesn’t require a lubricant, but the second one does.

If you do not want to soak your penis sleeve in warm water, then a lubricant is a must. Lubricant is necessary, so you can smoothly insert your penis into the sleeve because it is slippery.

You need to put enough lube to be comfortable while wearing the penis sleeve. However, you should not overdo it. Two to three drops on your glans and 3-4 drops spread evenly on the sleeve should be enough. Just apply enough lube to make the insertion nice and slippery.

A penis or cock sleeve is very easy to use. All you need to do is apply some water-based lube inside the sleeve and slip your penis into the sleeve. Secure the testicle rings around the balls. If you are making use of a hollow strap-on, you can slide the straps around the body and fit it according to your comfort.

Some penis sleeves have added texture on the outside that provides additional stimulation to your partner. The sleeves might require extra lubrication for maximum comfort. Once you’re done using the dick sleeve, you should wash it properly so that it is ready for the next use.

Please take note that you need a water-based lube for a silicone penis sleeve. Make sure that you only use this type of lubricant to avoid damaging the material.

To clean it, you can simply wash it or even boil it. Silicone penis sleeves are easy to clean and they are 100% waterproof.

Since this is worn on the most sensitive part of your body, it is highly recommended that you clean it after each use. Here’s how you should clean your dick sleeve.

  1. Before removing the device, make sure that your hands are washed properly.
  2. Remove the sex toy and place it on a clean surface.
  3. Remove all the silicon straps, comfort pads and other supports and place them separately.
  4. Clean the penis sleeve using a cleaning solution and a clean toothbrush or cloth. However, be sure to not soak your toothbrush or cloth too much into the cleaning solution.
  5. Scrub the sleeve gently throughout.
  6. Air dry. Once dried, you can repeat the process for additional cleaning.
  7. Store it safely in a box and get it ready for the next session.

If you want to use a penis sleeve extension with a flaccid penis that is fine. Using a penis sleeve with a flaccid penis is just similar to using it when you are erect.

Simply apply your favorite lubricant to the inner channel of the sleeve and slip your flaccid penis inside. Then, tuck your testicles through the safety strap and you are now ready! Enjoy endless amounts of sexual pleasure even while you are flaccid.

Women who experienced this with their partner loves it. Most of them admitted that they did not expect so much from it, but it delivered unexpected pleasure to them that it even made them squirt.

Penis sleeves add extra girth and length, so it allows men to go a little deeper which women enjoy so much. Many women confessed that they rarely orgasm through penetration alone, but when their partner uses a penis sleeve, they squirt multiple times and almost collapse from pleasure!

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