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Penis Enlargement Spray

Peineili Penis Delay Spray for Men


Penis Sprays FAQ

The penis sprays are topical medications that help in the treatment of one of the common male sexual health problem, premature ejaculation. These sprays can also be known as delay sprays, desensitizing sprays, and delay gels.
The ingredients of penis sprays are mostly plant-based and herbal extracts. The formula may vary per product but some of the common ingredients include lidocaine, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, and other organic herbs.
Use delay sprays if you want a quick fix in your premature ejaculation. The topical agents help numb the sensitive part of the penis, which allows to have more control and to last longer in sex.
As an aid for premature ejaculation, sex therapy professionals recommend orgasm delay treatments such as lidocaine sprays or popularly known as delay sprays to help numb the over sensitivity of man's genitals.
Penis sprays give you a solution to sex issues like penile sensitivity, rapid orgasm, or premature ejaculation – by providing a numbing effect in your genital area. Using desensitizing sprays helps you get back your sex drive. It will improve your performance in bed, delay your ejaculation, and boost your confidence.
You can use male orgasm delay sprays quickly and readily out of the box. Just direct the spray nozzle into your penis. Apply the desensitizing spray at least 10 minutes before you engage in sex. You should spray small amounts at first, then increase the adjustment to get your desired effect.
You need to prime the spray. First, remove the plastic piece nozzle, then unlock the cap. Turn the bottle sideways, then shake for 8 seconds. Place the bottle upright, and slowly put back the spray pump. Work on it a couple of times, with 3 seconds in between. After you see the formula on the release, stop. Feel your Penis Frenulum, which is a sensitive tiny tissue ridge at the underside of your penis. Likewise, the soft edge of the penile head is sensitive. Apply the delays spray. Rub the area so it gets absorbed evenly. Spray in the rest of the genitals down to the shaft and base. Wash your hands thoroughly to avoid contact in your eyes or your partner’s eyes. Wait 10 minutes so it will be absorbed into your penis. You would feel a slight numb sensation which means it desensitizes the hypersensitive part of your penis. Don't take a bath.
Yes. The delay spray work to effectively lessen the over stimulation of your penis. Most of the available desensitizing sprays are made by well-established companies which have been doing business in many years. There have been thousands of users around the world.
The sprays contain anesthetic effects that help numb over sensitive parts of your genitals. These sprays are made with fast absorption effect formula so it enables you to maintain sexual pleasure in the middle of intercourse while delaying the ejaculation of your semen.
There are nonexistent or very minimal side effects since the formula are made from herb extracts and pure organic plants. The desensitizing spray works very well for men in general good health, with no types allergies and does not take some kind of medication.
Expect relief on your premature ejaculation and rapid orgasm problem. After the first week of use, you will feel lesser sensitivity which in turn helps you have more control.
You can use it on a per needed basis. The delay spray can easily be applied a couple of minutes before you start having sex with your partner.
Yes. There's a guarantee for each delay spray products along with the terms and conditions of use.
You need to be at least 18 years old before you buy and use the penis delay sprays.
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