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Penis Enlargement Spray

Peineili Penis Delay Spray for Men


Premature Ejaculation Sprays FAQ

Premature ejaculation sprays are topical anesthetics to essentially help you lower genital sensitivity and help you on delaying the release of your cum, so you experience more pleasurable sex.

The best thing about PE sprays is it provides fast skin absorption in the penis area. Applying it to your genitals is easy, and it's similar to how you apply perfume or cologne to the body. However, with delay ejaculation sprays, you have to direct the spray of the nozzle into your genitals.

For best results, the application of the delay spray should be at least 5 minutes before you engage in some lovemaking in the bedroom. Initially apply small amounts, like one press, then you can adjust the amount of spray accordingly if you still haven't felt the effect. After a couple of use, you should be able to get the correct amount to provide relief in your penis sensitivity.

Most sex therapists and doctors have recommended the application of delay spray as premature ejaculation treatment. Known also as topical medicines or lidocaine sprays has become a popular solution to help soothe a guy's sensitivity in the penis.

The studies in the use of topical sprays have shown that men who suffer from early climax can experience relief by being able to delay the release of their cum for a couple of minutes longer than they used to. Sex experts have said that delay sprays can indeed be an effective treatment against premature ejaculation.

However, not all results are the same in users since individuals have different physiological conditioning, medical history, anxiety level, physical sensitivity, and overall health. These factors are taken into consideration and you also assess yourself to maximize the effectiveness of PE sprays.

If you're going to have sex after taking shower, dry your body beforehand then apply the spray into your genitals. Though the effects of the spray can be felt in the penis if you rinse it briefly, don't apply the PE sprays before the shower especially if you're going to take a long time in your bath. Just remember to know the time you'll have sex and apply the premature ejaculation spray 5-10 minutes before you make love.

Don't use PE spray if you or your sex partner have certain allergy or irritation to lidocaine or other ingredients on the spray. Check the ingredient of the products beforehand and consult a doctor before using the spray, especially if you have other medical conditions and not sure if you'll have reactions to the compounds.

Yes. It's always recommended that you tell your partner that you'll be using premature ejaculation spray when you'll be having sex. In turn, at least you'll know if they have an allergy to the ingredient of the spray. If you follow the 5-10 minute rule in the application, the spray would at least would have been absorbed already in your penis, with minimum effects in your partner's sensitivity levels in her vagina.

As with the use of premature ejaculation spray for sex, if your partner is pregnant, lidocaine is classified as category B compound by the FDA and it has not been approved for safe use in pregnancy, it's recommended that you stop the use of the spray for safety precaution.

Spraying too much is not recommended as this can cause some reaction in the body. Also, spraying too much may just waste some of the contents, as some of the liquid will either drip down in the body or dry up. Be sure to avoid over-application of sprays. Limit the amount sprayed to 2-5 press.

Yes, PE sprays are safe to use by the FDA for premature ejaculation treatment. The most common active ingredients of delay sprays contain lidocaine, which is tolerable in the body. If in case you have a certain allergy or have skin sensitivity on the ingredients, do not use it.

The compounds in premature ejaculation spray can cause medical issues if swallowed, since its primarily made for external use only. So, the PE spray should only be applied to the genitals and should only be used as it was directed. There's always the potential to experience numbness if the spray gets into contact with any part of the body, let alone the mouth. Though nothing is more exciting than to have spontaneous positions in sex, its best to discuss beforehand or tell her that you're using PE spray. There's always tomorrow to have oral sex and by then you can skip the use of the spray.

  • Clean the genital area and be sure to completely dry before application
  • Apply the PE spray five minutes before sex activity
  • Press 2-5 spray into your genitals
  • Direct the spray in the penis frenulum, the tiny tissue ridge, just below the head.
  • Massage the whole penis area from penile head to the balls
  • Wait for the spray to be absorbed
  • Observe the results and adjust the application

The premature ejaculation sprays are a topical medication that can provide temporary numbing and desensitization of the penis. However, too much application can cause several side effects on the skin.

Some of the common side effects of using delay sprays are the following

  • Temporary loss of feeling in the skin
  • Loss of erection.
  • Skin irritation
  • Burning sensation
  • Excessive numbing
  • Rashes
  • Allergy

In case you feel any usual reactions on the body, stop using the spray, wash your penis with warm water and soap, and dry the area with a clean towel. Immediately consult a doctor if symptoms continue for more than 24 hours.

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