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Sex Dolls FAQ

Sex dolls are a special type of sex toy because they are life-size. They usually come in the shape of a woman and are designed to be a sexual partner for masturbation.

A sex doll may consist of an entire body with the face or just a head, pelvis or another partial body with accessories either vagina, anus, mouth or penis for sexual stimulation.

The parts are sometimes vibrating and may be removable or interchangeable. Sex dolls come in many forms, but they are different from sex robots, which are anthropomorphic and can do more complex interactions.

You can conveniently buy sex dolls in different stores including online. The advantage of purchasing this in online stores like FullExtend is that you can do so while maintaining your privacy.

Sex dolls tend to be big and bulky compared to sex toys like pocket pussies and cock rings. Thus, it’s not that convenient to buy it in stores, but when you order it online, it will be delivered at your footsteps in a discreet box. No one would know that you just got yourself a sex toy.

Sex dolls are available at various prices, you can find one that is as cheap as $30 and a different variant that will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. The cheapest sex dolls are the inflatable ones but they are not durable.

If you want to get a durable sex doll, you should invest in something that delivers. However, this type of sex doll also costs more. You can already get a great sex doll for $600 and up. At this price, you will already get a life-size doll that is always ready to accompany you and join you whenever you want to have fun.

I suggest that you invest in a high-quality sex doll. This might cost more, but it offers you a more favorable experience. Great high-end sex dolls are the ultimate sex toy accessory to any boner.

Sex dolls are made in different ways that’s why some are very flexible while others are not. In general, the process starts with a mixture of powder and chemicals. The blend will then be poured into a mold to shape the doll.

Meanwhile, there are manufacturers that have a different approach. Instead of molding the entire doll, some brands have their sculptors create a cast of the doll’s detailed hands and genitals first while the skeleton is being prepared by hand. Some are made of PVC with steel joints or lightweight metal to be able to adjust the posture of the doll and allow her to sit, stand or position in any way you desire.

The hardened substance will be removed from the mold and the next processes are done by hand. The doll has to be cleaned and checked. The surface has to look smooth and shiny and the rough edges have to be removed. It will then be carefully washed.

Assembly follows and at this stage, the creators add her hands, feet, body, and orifices (vagina, anus and mouth). There are sex dolls that are very similar to a human because they have detailed eyelashes, brows, fingernails, and toenails.

Customizable sex dolls give you the opportunity to end up with one that comes with the features you like. If you want a woman with a tattoo, pierce or freckles, you can add that. You can also make a special request if you want your woman to have a bush down there and whether its natural, trimmed or full.

Sex dolls are not easy to create. The more detailed you want your sex doll to be, the more it costs, but the more realistic it is, and the more you will enjoy it.

Sex dolls are effective because they are life-size with working sexual organs. You can dress them up to spice the excitement. Also, some dolls are flexible, so you can position them in any way you desire.

Also, the sex dolls’ orifice is designed with ribs and ridges that offer you out of this world pleasure. Just romp into these toys to relieve yourself and you will understand how this sex toy works.

Sex dolls are made of different materials. The cheapest sex dolls, the inflatable ones, are made of plastic or rubber. Some sex dolls use high-quality medical-grade silicone, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and Cyberskin for a more realistic feel.

Men who have used sex dolls have different opinions about it. I have tried various types of sex dolls and I must say, that the fun you experience depends on the quality and materials of your toy.

If you get a cheap one, you can’t expect the same fun from a high-end toy. A good-quality sex doll has a soft and stretchy hole that is sculpted from female anatomy. It actually feels like the real thing except for the temperature. But, the good thing with this is that you can do something about the temperature issue.

The first sex dolls were invented by Dutch sailors in the 17th century because they were isolated at sea during long voyages. The first sex dolls were made of sewn cloth or old clothes and were a direct predecessor to today’s sex dolls.

According to a persistent urban legend, Adolf Hitler charged one of his commanders to design a sex doll for the German soldiers during World War II to prevent them from slaking their lust with non-Aryan women. Whether this is true or not, the first commercial sex doll originated from Germany.

Sex dolls can be as realistic as you wish them to be because there are high-end sex dolls that are customizable. You can add freckles, tattoos or piercings if you want to. You can also decide on the doll’s hair color and nail color.

In most cases, sex dolls are shaved. However, if you want your sex toy to have pubic hair, you can order the manufacturer to add it and decide the style if you want it natural, trimmed or full.

If you want to achieve your dream girl in your sex toy, that is doable. However, you have to spend on every feature you want to be added. Thus, ending up with a realistic doll may cost you so much.

If you love to masturbate and you want to take your solo session to the next level, then it’s highly recommended that you get a silicone sex doll.

This type of sex toy looks and feels real. It also allows you to experience sexual pleasure even if you are alone. However, silicone dolls cost more.

A realistic and silicone sex doll is similar to a real woman due to its look, feel and performance. Usually, this doll is made of top-class silicone resin making it real and smooth to touch. Also, the color has a natural luster, and she has a lovely face that is sculptured by an experienced sculptor, so by the sight alone, she will surely turn you on.

Also, this type of sex toy has multiple holes, so you can bang her the way you want either vaginally or orally. You can also go for anal sex if you want to.

For more fun experience, realistic silicone sex dolls come with skeletons, so you can position them in any way you want, giving you various options to enjoy your time with them. Here are sex positions you can do with your sex doll: bent over, scissor missionary, sex against the wall, the cradle, spooning, doggy style, cowgirl and missionary.

Sex dolls are great sex toys because anyone can use them. A sex doll is perfect to fill a single man’s boring sex life. This is also perfect for anyone who wants a companion in the bedroom or his life. Couples who want a third member in their bedroom without actually involving someone could use this to spice up their sex life.

A sex doll offers the same pleasure women do and more. With sex dolls, you are safe from STDs or getting your partner pregnant if you are not ready. Also, her holes don’t loosen up easily. She will also not complain if you ejaculate too fast.

The best thing with sex dolls is that you are free to do whatever you want with them without any complaint. You can pleasure your self the way you want and release your kinks without the fear of offending anyone or getting yourself in an embarrassing situation.

The answer to this question depends on your personal preference. Of course, getting intimate with a woman is exciting and it could be romantic depending on your relationship with her. When you get intimate with a real woman, there’s more warmth and emotional connection.

However, sex dolls also offer a different type of joy and freedom. There is no limitation and no argument. With sex dolls, you can do as you please. You don’t need to consider your partner, just concentrate on pleasuring yourself.

Which of the two do you prefer? If you want the latter, then you’ll surely find sex dolls better than women. Otherwise, you won’t.

If you want to get the best sex doll, I suggest that you get any of the following dolls because they are the best in the market.

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