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Sex Pillows FAQ

Known also as sex furniture, these are specially manufactured for body support to help couples during sex. Sex pillows often help elevate the bodies of both man and woman, depending on the sex position they're doing.

The sex pillow can also be used foreplay, such as oral sex, body kissing, or foreplay. There are various types of sex pillows and it comes in different sizes and shapes. The most common shapes are the wedge and the elongated sex pillow.

Most sexologists and sex therapist agree that using body supporting furniture like sex pillow help provide comfort to the body. These special pillows lessen aches, strain, and discomfort in the body.

The general opinion is that the size, shape, and construction of sex pillows allow men couples to enjoy sex more and make sex more pleasurable. Sex pillows are intended to provide mobility and help couples try out new positions.

Using a sex pillow allows a maximized range of motion and better penetration, which then results in satisfying sexual experiences. Using a sex pillow provides the benefit of an exciting and well-rounded sex life, that does not become boring.

Triangle wedge sex pillow - The sex positions you can try on a wedge sex pillow are cowgirl position, missionary and sitting sex position. The woman on top is the favorite of most users, where the man sits with his back on the wedge, while the woman rides his man on top.

Long sex pillow - The sex positions you can try on long sex pillow are the doggy style, man on top and woman on top. Girls usually enjoy the elongated sex pillow as it allows them to just relax, lie down and hug the pillow. A man can just penetrate her partner from behind.

Of course, there are many sex positions you can try and the positions are only limited by your imagination and fantasies.

Its highly possible to increase chances of pregnancy using certain positions. Certain positions and angles can indeed increase your chances of getting knocked up, so use reliable, skin-safe protection if you’re against starting a family.

According to Dr. Albert Deckir, while using the missionary position - women who like to conceive - should elevate they're hip using a pillow, for 15 minutes during and after intercourse.

Though there's no guarantee that a woman can get pregnant while using a sex pillow, as there are several factors that affect pregnancy, using sex support furniture can also help. Consult a doctor for more information on how to increase the chance of being pregnant.

The sex pillows are made from high-quality material, with one layer outside and another layer to repel water moisture from going inside. These sex pillows are specially designed to wick away body fluids, lubes, or water-based lotions.

High-end sex pillows are lined with quality stain-resistant material. The covers can be removed and can also be machine washable. A simple and quick cleaning can be done by using a sponge or damp cloth, just wipe clean the inner liners.

After using the sex pillow, keep the furniture in a place that's secure and safe. Be sure to store your pillow in a dry, cool place. Tuck it far away from children.

Sex pillows can be bought from sex-themed stores or adult shops. However, these types of products are not commonly sold in retail stalls in department stores or malls. The best place to buy sex pillows would be online. You can get the best sex pillows here in FullExtend!

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